Agents & Brokers – Differentiating Themselves

“The meeting went great and the employees and leadership love the HR Support. Management gave me an “oooohhhh” for the landing page and the employee survey showed the president’s involvement at the employee level.  Of course, this is just the beginning as we are only using a quarter of the portal’s capabilities. I can’t wait to help them provide Hidden Paychecks for the employees. This feature and the additional HR functionality have solidified our value proposition – even among the directors that were against the broker change (it was a family affair). Thought you’d like the feedback. Again, thank you for the ongoing support you provide. We have many more success stories to come! ‐ Warm Regards, Tim”

Human Resources – Making Their Lives Easier

“It looks WONDERFUL!!! Thank you for all your hard work on this. I had an opportunity to show the website to my director of schools and school board chairman last week. They are very excited about this as well. We will roll this out on Monday at our meeting with all of our employees. I have so wanted something like this for so long. What a help it will be.

Thank you again and I will try to email you and let you know how it went! Have a great day” – Collette

Associations – Providing Valuable Client Service

“We are a 50‐year professional services organization that provides advice and counsel on complex employment issues to employers located in the Pacific Northwest andCalifornia. As a service to members, we also sponsor a group purchasing arrangement for 150 member firms and nearly 15,000 covered employees and their family. With all the challenges related to benefit complexity, further magnified by geography, staffing, and resource constraints, we have hit the sweet spot by engaging Butch and the VMS team in developing and hosting customized online benefit portals to our member firms. The trust and confidence my team has with VMS cannot be understated – we admire their professionalism, dependability, speed, and passion to serve.” – Jim

Insurance Carriers – Besting the Competition

“I have been thoroughly impressed with VMS. As the voluntary insurance market is quickly becoming more and more important, the value that VMS adds to our business has been a huge asset. This is one of the ways that we are setting ourselves apart from our competitors. These sites have already proved useful in closing new groups by being able to offer something that their current provider didn’t have. Just as important, by being on the cutting edge of this market trend we are improving retention by shutting the door on any competitors that are trying to play catch up. What VMS brings to the table helps align us even more as a trusted partner with our clients. I have personally put VMS in all of my available groups and am having huge success with my clients and key decision makers. If you are not taking advantage of everything that VMS has to offer, you are doing your own business a disservice.” – Wesley