Association or Chambers of Commerce

"We need to sustain our membership. And our members increasingly look to us for new services. We need to offer a tangible, cost effective service which we know has a proven track record."

The VMS HR Support Center is an extremely cost effective service your organization can provide members that will really make a difference.

How Can VMS Help Us Grow?

Growth starts with the basic VMS technology, the HR Support Center. This incredible value added service significantly reduces the time spent by human resources professionals in benefits administration. The HR Support Center allows for the creation of two customized web portals which individually serve the needs of the employee and employer. And with your logo and association information branded throughout each portal, VMS provides the look and feel of your own, proprietary system.

  • Employees enjoy easy, immediate access to all benefits and company specific human resources information.
  • Employers save time and money by providing information to employees via their customized web portal. Additionally, employers have access to a multitude of human resources support services.

By helping members enjoy a significant reduction in the time and money necessary to administer their benefits program, your organization provides a very real, tangible, value added partner service.

Health Care Reform/PPACA Compliance

The HR Support Center provides an easy means to comply with many of the communication requirements under PPACA.