Financial Institution

“We need to differentiate ourselves with tangible services for our business clients.  And we seek new avenues to increase non-interest income sources.  How do we access proven technology customizable to meet our specific business objectives without spending valuable resources on meaningless, ineffective technology?”

VMS. We are here to help.

VMS has a proven track record for assisting financial institutions:

  • Affordable, predictable per unit cost
  • Fully scalable
  • Substantial new business growth
  • Increased customer retention
  • Enhanced brand recognition
  • Per unit marketing cost of new products and services practically cost free
  • If applicable, provide an excellent means for communicating information and increasing enrollment for HSAs, HRAs and FSAs

How Can VMS Help Us Grow?

Growth starts with the basic VMS technology, the HR Support Center.  This incredible value added service significantly reduces the time spent by human resources professionals in benefits administration.  The HR Support Center allows for the creation of two customized web portals which individually serve the needs of the employee and employer.

  • Employees enjoy easy, immediate access to all benefits and company specific human resources information.
  • Employers save time and money by providing information to employees via there customized web portal.  Additionally, employers have access to a multitude of human resources support services

Is There More To It?

Absolutely.  Due to multiple marketing capabilities specifically imbedded into our technology, you have the capability to “get your message out” to thousands of employees and their dependants, in myriad ways.

Health Care Reform/PPACA Compliance

The HR Support Center provides an easy means to comply with many of the communication requirements under PPACA.